Helix Linear Technologies works with engineering teams across the globe to provide innovative solutions in today's most demanding aerospace and defense applications. Our engineers collaborate with your team to help you reduce project time and take your linear motion needs from prototype to production faster -- while maintaining impeccable quality and precision.

Helix Linear Technologies' quality system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard with design. Several examples of linear motion expertise include in the aerospace and defense industry include:


Missile Fin Actuation

Precision-engineered lead screws replace the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators formerly used for this purpose. Each screw assembly converts torque to thrust as the screw or nut turns to move the other component in a linear direction. Because the screw mechanism eliminates sliding friction and stick-slip, it requires little or no maintenance besides initial lubrication. These high-efficiency screws automatically minimize the power needed to drive missile fin actuation. In addition, the size and weight of the fin drive transmission are reduced, making precision lead screws an excellent option for small missiles and targeted munitions.


 View our missile fin actuation CASE STUDY.


Guided Munitions

PGMs, better known as "smart weapons" or "smart munitions," are being widely used as they are intended to hit a precise target and minimize collateral damage. The precision of these weapons is due in part to the precision movements of fins, wings, and canards made possible by precision lead screws. The following case study includes more information about how lead screws drive guided munition. 


View our guided munitions CASE STUDY.


Automated Security Cameras

Most automated security systems involve a combination of cameras, sensors, and positioning mechanisms that are integrated into surveillance, detection, and alarm systems. Cost-effective precision lead screws and highly engineered plastic nuts from Helix Linear Technologies are now available for automated security system applications. Precision lead screws not only offer the same high degree of linear actuation precision afforded by ball screws, but they also provide a highly customizable solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional ball screws. 


Read more about the use of Helix Linear Technologies lead screws in automated security cameras HERE


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are designed to perform under high force, with high linear precision, in wide temperature ranges. Combining these specifications and highly customizable manufacturing options (including non-standard material selection like titanium or aluminum and hollow lead screws for weight reduction) makes lead screws a perfect fit for aerospace and unmanned vehicle applications. 


Download our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Linear Motion Product Guide HERE.


Gunsight Actuation Systems

Gun sight actuation systems aid in aiming firearms. Lead screws and linear actuators used in gun sight applications allow the sighting system to focus and zoom in and out. 


Seat Actuation

Acme thread forms are ideally suited for seat actuation due to highly dependable and repeatable performance over the lifespan of an aircraft. When coupled with proven aerospace-grade motors, seat actuators designed with lead screws from Helix Linear technologies can be packaged and weight-optimized to comply with the multitude of safe air travel regulations. 


Learn more about the use of Helix Linear lead screws in airline seating HERE


Antenna Elevation and Azimuth Equipment Actuation

Linear motion components from Helix Linear Technologies operate on some of the most innovative satellite systems orbiting our planet, making it possible to raise, lower, and position antennas with ease and accuracy. 


Seat Canopy Automation

Reliable aircraft seat canopy automation systems powered by lead screws and linear actuators allow the canopy to open and close while also providing reliable emergency ejection capabilities. 


Motor Launching Sight Systems

These high-tech sight systems aid soldiers in properly aiming their mortar weapons so they can hit reliably hit intended targets. 


Tank Sighting Systems

Tank sighting systems integrate an array of video cameras installed in multiple positions around a tank, allowing occupants of the vehicle to view blindspots. 


Thrust Reverser Screws

Thrust reverser screws allow the adjustment of the thrust reverser for deceleration aircraft, reducing brake wear and enabling shorter landing distances.  


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