Helix Linear provides solutions that meet some of the most demanding aerospace and defense applications.

Aerospace and defense applications that we are familiar with include:

  • Missile Fin Actuation
  • Guided Munitions
  • Antenna Elevation & Azimuth Equipment Actuators
  • Seat canopy automation
  • Seat Actuation
  • Automated security cameras
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Gun sight actuation systems
  • Thrust reverser screws
  • Mortar launching sight systems
  • Tank sighting systems
  • Custom linear actuators

Guided Munitions Case Studies

Learn how lead screws automate missile fins and guided munitions.


Lead Screws for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Case Study

See how lead screws help control the flight of UAVs.


Missle Fin Actuation Case Study

See how missile fins use lead screws.