Lead screws and linear actuators are increasingly being used in cars to automate their performance.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving. Linear motion components, including lead screws and electric linear actuators, are increasingly used in automotive applications to automate performance. Linear actuators are extensively used wherever an automotive part needs to be opened or closed, lifted or lowered, providing convenience and safety to drivers.

Several examples of Automotive applications integrating Helix Linear Technology components include:

Automotive Manufacturing Factory Automation

Linear motion components also play a critical role in the automotive manufacturing process, offering precision movement and high repeatability. Typical uses include production line transport, handling, positioning, sorting, and material provisioning.


Headlamp Actuators

Miniature linear actuators are used in automotive headlights to move, track and illuminate the road for drivers. Miniature electric linear actuators are perfect for tight, compact spaces. 


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Side Mirror Positioning

Use of lead screws and linear actuators provides automatic tilt and rotation of side mirrors.


Door Openers

Electric linear actuators and lead screws are used to open and close sliding doors and rear tailgates with the touch of a button.


Seat Actuators

Electric linear actuators automatically adjust height and angle, and position in automotive seating.


Door Locking Mechanisms


Automatic Windows


Automatic Steering Wheel Adjustment


Sunroof/Moonroof Operation

Miniature electric linear actuators combined with lead screws provide automatic sliding, opening/closing, and tilt of sunroofs and moonroofs. 


RV Automation  

Slide Out Actuators

Roof vent lifts

Bed-lifting actuators

TV Positioning Actuators

Toilet Actuators

Frameless Window Actuators


Handicap Access Actuation Systems

Handicap access actuation systems include automotive wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, and automatic door openers. 


Automotive Testing and Simulation Equipment

From switch and button testing to durability and bumper impact testing, linear motion products are integrated into numerous automotive testing machines and equipment types.


Helix Linear automotive customers benefit by optimizing the challenges incorporated in the production life cycle with the integration of Helix motion control products. Contact Helix Linear Technologies engineering department for more information on the use of lead screws and linear actuators for your automotive needs. 



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