Helix provides the semiconductor industry with high-performance lead screws and linear actuator technology in an industry where the progression of technological innovation is key in maintaining market control.

As semiconductor manufacturers face competitive pressures and growing demand for developing small, complex products, they require the most advanced automation solutions. Helix Linear Technologies provides the semiconductor industry with the high-performance, high-accuracy linear motion components essential in today's semiconductor technology market. 


Our linear guides, lead screws, and linear actuators allow our customers to produce superior products -- faster, with higher accuracy, and in a smaller design footprint. Commonly used in wafer-processing equipment, microchip production, and semiconductor assembly equipment, Helix Linear Technologies' products are integral in;


Semiconductor Positioning Equipment

Requiring operation at micrometer-scale accuracies and sub-micron tolerances and often performed under vacuum conditions. Controlling particulates and contamination is crucial to keep production yields high, necessitating products with dry lubrication. In addition, semiconductor processes frequently occur at high temperatures, requiring Helix Linear Technologies components manufactured from specialized materials. 


Semiconductor Manufacturing Machinery

Numerous linear motion products from Helix Linear Technologies contribute to higher throughput, increased accuracy, and better positioning at hundreds of critical points in the semiconductor manufacturing processes, including wafer fabrication, wafer assembly, and wafer transport, and semiconductor testing equipment.


Wafer Handling 

The delicate substrate for microelectronic devices, wafers undergo numerous microfabrication processes requiring accuracy on a micrometer-scale, including doping, ion implantation, etching and thin-film deposition of materials, photolithographic patterning and wafer dicing. These high levels are successfully achieved using linear motion components from Helix Linear Technologies.


Semiconductor Assembly and Packaging Machinery

The package (the container that holds the semiconductor die) protects the die and connects the chip to a board (or other chips). Semiconductor packaging is essential on every level and requires unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. As complexity and profitability increase, companies compete to grab a more significant piece of the market. 


Thermal Management

Linear motion components drive thermal management techniques, including thermoelectric coolers, chillers, forced air systems, and fan control.


Vacuum Systems

Stable and precise control of the manufacturing environment and vacuum pressure is critical for high-yield semiconductor fabrication. Commonly use in pump and valve control, linear motion products from Helix Linear Technologies help deliver these conditions.


Success in the semiconductor industry depends on technical strength, high-performance components, expertise in the field, and the ability to meet specialized application requirements. Helix Linear Technologies delivers in each of these areas for our semiconductor clients, making us a valued semiconductor partner. For more information on the use of linear motion components in the semiconductor industry, contact Helix Linear Technologies. 


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